Listen live to Maghrib adhaan & Taraweeh Salat, link is below
Listen live to Maghrib adhaan & Taraweeh Salat, link is below
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Salah Times

  • It is recommended to finish suhoor ten minutes before the Fajr start time
  • Salat al-Duhaa or Minor Dhuaa prayer (Ishraaq) is offered 15 - 20 minutes after the sunrise time.
  • The second type of Salat al-Duhaa or Major Dhuaa prayer (Chasht) is recommended to pray after mid-morning (halfway between sunrise and zawal) until five minutes before zawal.
  • It is recommended to have Iftar 2 - 3 minutes after the sunset time


The moon of Shawwal has been sighted. Eid al-Fitr will be on Wed. April 10, 2024.
There will be three Eid Salats in Masjid Bilal at:
7:05 with Urdu speech,  8:00 with English speech,   9:00 with English speech.

Donate generously towards our daily Iftaar. The approximate cost of 1 Day’s Iftaar is $400.00. This amount may change without notice and may be higher on Fri. Sat. Sun. Anyone interested is kindly requested to speak directly to our Iftaar Management team  between Asr and Maghrib for reservations and updated costs related to Iftaar.
At the end of the month, any leftover funds will be put towards general Masjid Bilal Muslim Association expenses.

Masjid Bilal is seeking volunteers to assist with cleaning and maintenance. Anyone interested please contact Br Azad at 416-802-0651 or Br Ibraheem at 647-280-9733. High school students seeking volunteer hours are welcome.

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